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Adding Cards

Once the search results come up, cards can be expanded by clicking on the "+" sign next to the card. This will show all the cards available from the various sellers on Sportlots. If there is a need to review many different cards from the search results, clicking on the "Expand all" link provided at the top and bottom of the screen. Now that the result set has been expanded, there are two ways to add cards to the Sportlots shopping cart.

  • From the search results screen: Select the quantity (defaults to 1) and click on the Add Button.

  • By clicking on the details link: If more information is needed about the card, click on the details link to review more information about the card (or the seller). The card can be added to the shopping cart from this new screen.

    Removing Cards

    To remove cards from the shopping cart, first get to the shopping cart by clicking on the icon at the top of any Sportlots screen.

    Once the Shopping cart is displayed, enter the quantity to be deleted and click on the "Del" button.

    If there is a need to completely remove all cards in the shopping cart, click the "Empty Shopping Cart/Offers" button on the Shopping cart screen.

    Search by Seller

    Buyers may select the icon next to the seller ID in the shopping cart to search this seller's inventory. Once searching this seller's inventory, a link will be provided on the Navigation bar on the left hand side to get back to that seller's home page. Turn off this filter at any time by clicking on the "off" next to this link.

    Setting Shipping Costs

    In order to give buyers more options on shipping rates for fixed priced store orders, Sportlots sellers can offer both Premium and Budget shipping options. A buyer may choose different options by seller and may be based on:

  • The confidence level they have with the seller.
  • The types of cards they are buying from that particular seller.
  • The difference in shipping costs between budget and premium shipping services.

    If Premium shipping service is requested, the seller must at a minimum ship your order in a bubble mailer or sturdy cardboard packaging when the order size is larger. Cards within bubble mailers must also be further protected. Acceptable methods include:

  • Within Individual Top Loaders or Semi-Rigid holders.
  • Within a plastic case.
  • In a team bag with top loaders or cardboard securely fastened between both ends.

    Sellers have the ability to force a Premium shipping service by setting a Premium threshold amount. This is to protect the seller from having to risk shipping high value cards with a budget shipping option. For example, a seller may set a Premium threshold at $25.00. If the buyers order amount is over $25.00, the buyer will be forced to select a premium shipping option with that seller.

    When a Budget shipping service is selected, the buyer is providing the seller the flexibility to find alternative ways to ship the package while still maintaining a reasonable amount of security for the cards in order to reduce shipping costs. There is slightly more risk of damaged items, but the lower shipping rates may be worth this risk. If a buyer selects this option, they are waiving their right to request a refund in the event that an item(s) are damaged in the mail. The buyer has elected to take this risk in order to reduce their shipping costs.

    Regardless of which shipping option is used, the seller is always responsible for the accurate and timely delivery of the package.

    Trying to keep postage costs to a minimum is important to buyers. To help facilitate this, Sportlots has included the current quantity (Curr Qty) of cards by each seller that the buyer currently has in their shopping cart. Sportlots also displays the maximum amount of cards (Cat Max) that the buyer can purchase without increasing shipping costs for this seller. By subtracting the (Curr Qty) from the (Cat Max) the buyer can obtain the number of cards that can be purchased from that seller without any additinal shipping charges.

    Filtering Shopping Cart by Seller

    Sportlots provides the ability for buyers to filter their shopping cart by one or more sellers. The purpose of this is to allow buyers to check out only a portion of their shopping cart. After the filter is applied, only the items for those sellers will display. While the filter is active, the checkout button will only create an order for the sellers that were filtered.

    Please note that we generally discourage using this feature unless it is absolutely required. The Sportlots system is designed to handle orders for multiple sellers at once and buyers are encouraged to do so. Our Sportlots sellers pay a "per transaction" fee to PayPal, so as a result, when fewer, larger orders are placed, our sellers will pay lower PayPal transactions fees. However, this feature can be utilized if the buyer doesn't currently have the funds available for the entire shopping cart, but can pay for some of the cards in the cart now.

    Checking Out

    Once shopping is complete, the buyer can then check out their order by clicking on the "Check out Now!" button provided at the bottom of the shopping cart.

    Once this button is clicked, a screen to enter the shipping address is provided. This will default to the buyers registered address, but can be changed just for this order in the event that the buyer wants the cards shipped to a different address.

    Once the address is confirmed, the order is finalized. The buyer will be presented with an order confirmation including an order total and payment options. The buyer can make payment at this time, or they can click on the icon at the top of any Sportlots page.