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Sportlots Search Bar

Many of the Sportlots screens will have a Sportlots Search bar at the top of the page. This includes the Search Results screen. Any combination of set, card and player information can be entered on the search entry. The sport for the resulting search must also be selected.

The search results that met these search criteria will be shown. If any common words that do not add any value to the results (example: AND, OR, THE, etc) are entered, an error will occur and the system will ask to re-enter the search criteria with these words removed.

Eliminating words from search results
Sometimes the results will bring back more than the user wants. For example, a search on "2009 Topps Chrome" may also bring back results for "2009 Topps Chrome Refractors". To eliminate words from the results, just add the word with a "^" (Above the 6 on most keyboards) in front with no spaces between. The "^" tells Sportlots to exclude this word from the search results. So in this example, the user would enter the following in the search bar: "2009 Topps Chrome ^Refractors".

The results will be summarized by card, showing the card information, the total quantity and the lowest price available for sale. To the left, there will be a "+" sign. By clicking on the "+" sign, the details for this card are displayed. This allows the user to view all the details, add specific cards to their shopping cart, or even view more details regarding any particular card in inventory.

Cards that are already in the users shopping cart will be highlighted.

Filtering Results

After the results of the search are displayed, there will be a filter results bar on the right hand side. This allows the user to further filter the results by Seller, Condition, or Attribute.

Filter by Seller By default, "All Sellers" will be checked in filter results bar. However, all sellers who have inventory based on the search criteria will be displayed in the seller filter results. Clicking off the "All Sellers" checkbox and checking one or more sellers will allow the user to filter just those seller's cards on the results screen.

If the seller ID is highlighted in blue, this means that the user already has cards in their shopping cart from this seller. This feature allow the user to easily click on just sellers they already have cards in their shopping cart in an attempt to buy from as few sellers as possible to reduce overall shipping costs.

Below the "All Sellers" option is a "Preferred Sellers" checkbox. If the user unchecks the "All Sellers" checkbox and clicks on the "Preferred Sellers" checkbox, only cards from Preferred Sellers will display.

Filter by Condition By default, "All conditions" will be checked in the filter results bar. However, all possible conditions for the search results will be displayed. Clicking off the "All Conditions" checkbox and checking one or more conditions will help narrow down the results to only the cards that meet those specific condition requirements.

Filter by Attribute There are several attributes about a card that may want to be filtered. By default, "All Attributes" is checked. But if only specific attributes are desirable in the search results, the "All Attributes" checkbox can be unchecked and any combination of other attributes can be checked to meet those specific requirements.

The Autographed attribute allows the user to find cards that are autographed and meet their search criteria. This is only for cards that come autographed by the manufacturer.

The Game Used attribute allows the user to find cards that have memorabilia embedded in the card that came from the manufacturer.

The Numbered attribute allows the user to find cards that are stamped numbered on the card.

The Picture attribute allows the user to filter on just cards where the seller has provided a picture of the card.

The Fresh Inventory attribute allows the user to filter on just cards that have been added or changed by the seller within the last month.

Once all of the attributes have been checked to match the users filter options, they can then click on the "Filter" button at the bottom of the screen. This will result in a new search result with just the cards that meet the search criteria, with the desired filters in place.

Results Page Navigation

At the bottom of the search results screen there is a page navigation bar. This bar allows the user to do the following:

  • Use the left and right arrow buttons to navigate one page at a time through the search results.
  • Enter a page number and click on the "go" button to navigate to the desired page.
  • Hit the "Expand all" or "Collapse all" button to show or hide inventory details for all of the results on this page.