Welcome to Sportlots Sellers User Guide - Fill Orders

The Orders to be filled screen allows sellers to mark orders filled.

Filling an Order
Pulling Cards
Printing Invoices
Printing Labels

Filling an Orders

Orders in the "Orders to be Filled" category are orders that the seller needs to be filled because Sportlots has received payment from the buyer. If there are any fees, the seller can click on the fees to see a breakout of fees in this category. The fees in this category may only be estimates since the Sportlots fees will vary for Sportlots stores based on the sales generated that month. The seller can see a summary of sales and fill these orders by clicking on the quantity.

On the Order Summary screen, the seller can do the following:

  • Click on any of the orders to see the details from each of these orders. This should also be printed off and used as the invoice and included with the order.

  • Click on the "Contact" link to send information regarding this order to the buyer. This can be used to clarify questions about the order with the buyer. However, if there is something wrong, at this point, the seller must adjust the order since payment has already arrived. The seller must be sure to communicate with the buyer in a professional way. The seller has to remember that this buyer is not just their customer, but a customer for all of Sportlots sellers. Unprofessional communication with buyers will not be tolerated. The seller must also be sure to not contact the buyer in an attempt to do business with the buyer outside of Sportlots. This is against Sportlots policy. Sportlots keeps of copy of all questions/answers and will close out any accounts where buyers or sellers are breaking Sportlots policy.

  • Click on the Report Card light. This provides the seller useful information about the performance of the buyer. For example, If the buyers report card shows that they typically leave a lot of negative feedbacks, the seller may want to take extra care in shipping the cards to help prevent any negative feedbacks. It can also help make decisions about adding a manual block on this buyer if the seller also has a bad experience with the buyer to prevent further problems in the future.

  • Clicking on the "Adjust" link will allow the seller to adjust the order after the order has been marked filled. After clicking on the "Adjust" link, the seller will be able to adjust the entire order by clicking on the "Adjust entire order" button or the seller can adjust individual cards within the order by changing the quantity and price of each individual card and clicking the "adjust" button for that particular card. This can be a little tricky and many sellers do this incorrectly. Sportlots has provided "more info" links on this screen to guide the seller through this process. Be sure to follow the instructions and to this correctly. Once the adjustment is complete, it can not be changed again.

  • Click on the "Fill Order" button to fill the order. Once on the "Fill Orders" screen, the seller can mark the order filled to notify the buyer that the order is filled on its way. This also notifies Sportlots that the order is filled so that the seller can get credit for the order when it comes to sending Payment to the seller at the end of the month. If no cards are missing, all that is required for the seller is to click on the "Fill Order" button at the bottom of the screen. However, if the seller is unable to fill all or a portion of the order, the seller must adjust the quantity filled and select the best fitting reason for why the portion of the order can not be filled. This will automatically adjust the order and put a credit in the buyers Sportlots account. If this is an auction order, there will be no option to adjust the order on this screen. It is assumed that the cards are available for auction orders and the seller is obligated to fill the order.

  • Also note at the bottom of the "Fill Order" screen that the amount of postage the seller will receive is displayed. The shipping method (Budget or Premium) is also shown here for fixed priced sales. See "Postage Rates" in this guide for more information regarding shipping methods.

    Pull Cards

    Sellers may want to utilize the "Pull Cards" when filling multiple fixed priced orders. This will give the seller a single printout of all the cards needed to fill orders currently waiting to be filled. This may be more effective for the seller to pull all the cards from the inventory at once and then sorting out the cards into each order instead of going back and forth between each order pulling cards from inventory multiple times.

    Printing Invoices

    When filling only a couple orders, printing the invoices individually like described above works. But when a seller has a lot of invoices to print, a "Print all Invoices" button is available. This will provide the seller with a screen that has all invoices. The seller can then just hit the print button on their browser and all invoices on this screen will be printed.

    Printing Labels

    By clicking on the "Print Labels" button, the seller will receive a screen with all of the mailing address for all orders that need to be filled. The seller can print this from their browser and cut them out to use as labels on the shipments they send out to buyers.