Treasure Hunt

  • Anyone who finds the hidden cards can win. No purchase necessary, but you must be registered on Sportlots to win.

  • Hints and updates will be posted on Twitter and Facebook first and then posted directly on this page about 5-10 minutes later. Be sure to follow Sportlots on Twitter or Facebook to get the hints and other updates sooner.

  • There will be five hints in total for each card. Hints will be vague at first and more specific as more hints are provided.

  • Cards can be from any of the 5 sports listed on Sportlots and will be hidden in the Sportlots Stores Fixed Priced section.

  • Sportlots Treasure Hunt will run on October 30th, November 1st, November 3rd, November 4th, and November 6th. You are eligible to win multiple days.

  • One card per day will be hidden. If a card is not found for that day, notification at the end (9pm CST) of that day's treasure hunt will inform everyone that the hunt for that day has ended. The card from that day will be removed and will not be relisted. There is no set start time when and how frequently hints will be posted.

  • The price of each hidden card will have a book value of $20 or more. Book values are approximate and not based on any single price guide. The selling price on Sportlots will appear to be priced competitively when duplicate cards exist in inventory; however Sportlots will pay the price for you and shipping will be free!

  • It's important to complete the order when you find the card! Cards are not reserved if they are just in your shopping cart!

  • To be sure you found the correct card, click on the "details" link for that card on the search results screen. In the notes section, it will tell you that this is indeed the treasure hunt card!

  • The Treasure Huntís dealer ID will change each day.

  • The winnerís Sportlots ID will be posted once the card has been found and the order has been placed. If you do not want to share your Sportlots ID to everyone, do not participate. Your personal information (Name, email, mailing address) will not be shared.

    Good Luck and have fun!!

    October 30th
    Hint #1: Am I a snake or a spider?
    (CARD FOUND!!!! Congrats to "adasteve")
    (Played for the Diamond Backs and last name is "Webb")

    Remaining hints were...
    Hint #2: Want my autograph?
    (is an autographed card)

    Hint #3: It's absolutely a rainbow
    (Card is from the Absolute Spectrum set)

    Hint #4: K Foundation
    (Brandon Webb's foundation)

    Hint #5: Cy Young Winner
    (Won the Cy Young award)

    November 1st Treasure Hunt has now started!

    November 1st
    Hint #1: There's only 25 of me!
    (Card has a limited print run of 25 cards)

    Hint #2: Mercedes or Porsche? I'll take a Porsche!
    (Pierre Turgeon purchased a Porsche when he signed his first contract)

    Hint #3: Ooh-la-la
    (Rick Jeanneret, play-by-play announcer for the Sabres, coined the phrase "Pierre Ooh-la-la"

    Hint #4: I'm a higher class
    (Card is found in the Class 3 subset from the Topps Gold Label set)

    CARD FOUND!! Congrats to "gatorboy" who found the 1998 Topps Gold Label Red #30 Pierre Turgeon #21/25. "

    Hint #5: No, I don't fish for Sturgeon

    November 3rd Treasure Hunt has now started!

    November 3rd
    Hint #1:I seem to have multiple personalities
    (Hint provides information that this is a multi player card)

    Hint #2:I'm a HOFer.. wait.. I'm not even a starter
    (Hint provides information that one of the players is a HOF player

    Hint #3:We both played for the Cardinals
    (Both Unitas and Ragone played for the Lousiville Cardinals. Ragone also played for the Arizona Cardinals)

    Hint #4:I'm sure I played QB... but which Jersey is mine?
    (Directs you to Football cards and that the players are QB's)

    CARD FOUND!! Card has been found!! Congrats to "tperkins" who found the 2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Game Day Jersey Duals Unitas/Ragone card.

    Hint #5: Am I a Pro or a Prospect?
    (Hint points you to the Upper Deck Pros and Prospects subset)

    November 4th Treasure Hunt has now started!

    November 4th
    Hint #1: Boy that mango really hit the spot!
    (Mangos are "Sweet" and "Spot")

    Hint #2: I must have really hit the cover off that ball!
    (The cover of the ball is in the card)

    CARD FOUND!! Card has been found!! Congrats to "cccsoftb" who found the 2001 Sweet Spot Signatures #S-RF Rafael Furcal.

    Hint #3: I'm a switch hitter
    (Furcal is a switch hitter)

    Hint #4: I played in 3 All-Star Games
    (Furcal played in 3 All-Star Games)

    Hint #5: I recoreded the most errors in a NLCS inning.
    (Furcal had 3 errors in a single NSCS inning.)

    November 6th Treasure Hunt has now started!

    November 6th
    Hint #1: There's a limited number of these...
    (Limited or "Finite" number of these.. card is also number /999)

    Hint #2: I play (or played) for the Panthers
    (Romo played for the Eastern Illionois Panthers

    CARD FOUND!! Card has been found!! Congrats to "00LOOKIE" who found the 2003 Upper Deck Finite Tony Romo card.

    Hint #3: He's already a star, but not in the hall of fame
    (The "star" is the hint that he plays for the Cowboys)

    Hint #4: 3 Time Pro-Bowler
    (Confirms it's a football card along with the obvious hint about the number of pro-bowls he's been to)

    Hint #5: Undrafted Rookie
    (Romo was an undrafted rookie)

    So, give me your feedback on how the Treasure Hunt worked! Was it fun? Any ideas to make it better next time?