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Sportlots New Look!

Sportlots New Header Section

As you can see, Sportlots has a new look! I would like to take this time to review the changes to help answer any questions and to make the transistion as easy as possible. I understand change can be a little difficult at first, but I think once everyone gets used to the new format, the changes will be worthwhile.

Every page will now have the same format to the top of the screen. The first section of the top portion of the screen is the Header seen here.

To the left is the Sportlots logo, which can be clicked on to go back to from any screen. In the middle can be one of many icons that are important navigation points. Each icon will only appear if it applies to your account at that time. From left to right, they are:

  • Your shopping cart. If you have items in your shopping cart, this icon will appear.

  • Auctions Won. If you have auctions won that have not yet been placed into orders, this icon will appear.

  • Auctions Watching. These are auctions that you have bid on, but have not completed yet.

  • Outstanding Issues. As a buyer or seller, if you have outstanding issues you have address, this icon will appear.

  • Messages. If you have unread messages, this icon will appear. You can still get to Sportlots message center from the menu bar if you dont have unread messages.

  • Offers. If you are a seller and have pending offers to approve/deny, this icon will appear.

  • Pending Orders. This icon will appear if you have pending orders that need to be paid for.

    Next on the header is our Twitter and Facebook icons. If you haven't checked out these accounts, be sure to do so!

    Finally on the far right is the sign in/out section. If you are signed in, your Sportlots ID will appear, if you aren't signed in, a place to enter your email and password will appear.

    Below the Header bar is the menu bar. This is a dropdown menu which takes the place of the navitation bar that used to be down the left hand side of Sportlots. It takes up less room and allows for more future expansion. The menu bar is shown here:

    Finally the bottom section of the header is the search section. This section allows you to search Sportlots Inventory (and now also Sportlots Auctions!). Because this is part of the header screen, you now have to ability to search inventory and auctions from any screen on Sportlots. Below, you will notice the Stores and Auctions radio button. This will always default to Sportlots stores, but if you click on the Auctions button, you can then select a sport (or All Sports) and return back all active auctions that meet your search criteria. Below is the search section of the header.

  • Sportlots New HomePage

    Sportlots homepage needed updating! We have added a new header picture which will change from time to time. But more importantly, the home page now holds more information including:

  • Featured Auctions (All featured items sorted descending on the status)

  • Your latest stores searches (You can just click on a recent search you did to be brough back to your search results.

  • Latest Set releases (Get the a list of the latest sets that have been added)

  • Hot Cards (This section shows the hottest individual cards selling on the site)

  • Popular Sets (This section lists all the most popular sets over the past week)

  • Your Sportlots Sellers Loot earnings by seller (This future section will show you all the sellers you have earned Sellers Loot for and just a click on the seller will send you to that sellers own Sportlots page)

  • Sportlots Sellers Loot

    This program will allow sellers to set their own earnings program for repeat customers. As customers place and pay for orders, the earn a specified percentage toward future orders with that seller.

    This program is replacing other programs including:

  • Bonus Program will be phased out over time. Once "sellers loot" is started, bonus points will no longer be earned, but can still be cashed out for cards for a few months afterwards. The new "Sellers Loot" program will be better because you will earn more toward future purchases and buyers will have exposure to many more cards to use their earnings.

  • Volume Discounts will be eliminated after "Sellers loot" goes into effect. Large orders will still earn a good amount of "Sellers Loot".

  • Hot Deals. The Preferred Sellers program that allowed preferred sellers to reduce prices on selected sets will be eliminated immediately. This is being done for future reasons yet to be implemented, but there will be additional benefits to becoming a Preferred Seller that has yet to be implemented.

    See more details on the Sportlots "Sellers Loot".